You are the light to the world …in 2018 & forever

When people look at you or talk to you – do they experience the Christ in you?

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Abel brought a gift to God in faith. Cain didn’t.

Today’s ‘verse of the day’ from the Bible app is Hebrews 11:6 “And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to Him must believe that God exists and that He rewards those who sincerely seek Him.”   What is faith? Hebrews 11 then gives examples of people throughout the Bible who demonstrated great faith and “through their faith…earned a … Continue reading Abel brought a gift to God in faith. Cain didn’t.

A moment of Spontaneous Reflection

One thing I am noticing is the need for validation from people regardless of whether we are close or strangers. This is not something new but it is something that I have momentarily succeeded in suppressing but ultimately failed to conquer over the years. God, thank You for making this issue increasingly evident to the point that I can no longer ignore it. Help me … Continue reading A moment of Spontaneous Reflection

Is prayer really that important to everyday living?

James 5:13 – 18

13Are any of you suffering hardships?

You should pray.

Are you happy? You should sings praises


James does not beat around the bush in this scripture, or in the rest of the book of James. I like him for that. I really, really struggled with reading my bible even after taking the steps to get to know God through His Word. But when I came across the book of James, I could not stop reading it. His words are straight to the point. They were beautifully harsh and gave me a wake up call on a lot the things that I was doing or had done that did not please God. It was like I was reading my own diary and the harsh reality was shocking. A veil was being lifted and I could see my faults. When you have lived in the World for so long, everything becomes normalised.

Normal for me was drinking hard liquor on a train so I would be buzzed before arriving to an event….

For now, I will just say that I was and still am grateful to James for his sobering words.

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Pray for Donald Trump

All eyes are on the West, specially the USA. Even the country’s frenemy, Russia is looking to the West at the extraordinary event that has unfolded. Extraordinary in that no one could actually believe that a reality TV show host has managed to become President of the USA. Especially on the heels of a political campaign that was less about life-changing policies to bring unity … Continue reading Pray for Donald Trump