An Antigua State of Mind

A mash up of Don’t Rock The Boat, Baby by The Hues Corporation and Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin is what comes to mind when I think of Philippians 4:6-7. Continue reading An Antigua State of Mind


Is prayer really that important to everyday living?

James 5:13 – 18

13Are any of you suffering hardships?

You should pray.

Are you happy? You should sings praises


James does not beat around the bush in this scripture, or in the rest of the book of James. I like him for that. I really, really struggled with reading my bible even after taking the steps to get to know God through His Word. But when I came across the book of James, I could not stop reading it. His words are straight to the point. They were beautifully harsh and gave me a wake up call on a lot the things that I was doing or had done that did not please God. It was like I was reading my own diary and the harsh reality was shocking. A veil was being lifted and I could see my faults. When you have lived in the World for so long, everything becomes normalised.

Normal for me was drinking hard liquor on a train so I would be buzzed before arriving to an event….

For now, I will just say that I was and still am grateful to James for his sobering words.

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Pray for Donald Trump

All eyes are on the West, specially the USA. Even the country’s frenemy, Russia is looking to the West at the extraordinary event that has unfolded. Extraordinary in that no one could actually believe that a reality TV show host has managed to become President of the USA. Especially on the heels of a political campaign that was less about life-changing policies to bring unity … Continue reading Pray for Donald Trump

Through It All

Here is a powerful testimony of God’s Touch when He elects you to serve in His Kingdom, for the glory of His Name. It is easy to feel purposeless even with a job title, marital title, degree, friends and a family where you are known as brother/sister/auntie/uncle etc. We tend to connect our purpose to things of this world – titles, professions, possessions, status and … Continue reading Through It All