Rewind to two days ago. I was blissfully confident that I knew just what Jesus had meant. I mean it was pretty clear-cut.


Yet, unbeknownst to me there was an imminent battle on the horizon where I would experience what He truly meant.



This very Tuesday morning, I posted on Twitter my own #TuesdayMotivation pearls of wisdom hoping to encourage someone, yet I, the encourager need encouragement to motivate me regarding several areas of my life.

More recently, I needed a hashtag on Monday to encourage me to get out of this week’s mental slump.

Offering Time: timely offerings

It is easy to just participate out of obligation or because you do not want to look like the cheap/poor one in your row as everyone else readily gives.

It is easy to become desensitised to giving to the Church.

It is easy to grow contempt towards giving your money ‘away’ to the church, whilst you are waiting on a blessing.