Modern Idolatry

Modern Idolatry sounds weird

Idolatry seems like such an archaic term. It does not help that within the 10 Commandments, a whole commandment in dedicated to this ancient and peculiar term.

So putting an archaic term with another term, which denotes something ‘hip’, ‘new’,  ‘poppin’ is almost humorous.

Sorry, I forget that when it comes to the 10 commandments, let alone the Bible we should not have a sense a humour. But I digress.

Modern Idolatry is evident in the world in 2016.

Yet, I have never questioned how evident it is in my life…until today.


I have been praying recently for God to shower me with His correction when I do wrong (which let me tell you feels like all the time). Why have I asked God this? Do I love to be punished?

No…but His Word says that He corrects His children because He loves them. And I am trying to stay His child and not the devil’s. So I will take correction with side order of His love everyday.

Proverbs 3:12

For the LORD corrects those He loves, just as a father corrects a child in whom he delights“. (NLT)

I say everyday but some days would be just fine as well.

After a morning of light interrogation, questioning whether in 2016 I could be counted as an idol worshiper. My first thought was ‘no way!’.

That is the first commandment I can skip over because I idol worshiping is so old school. It pertains to people who are dumb enough to create a statue of a god, to worship…that they made themselves (Isaiah 44:9-20).

Come on SON! I am better than that. I better than them.

So I thought.

Exodus 20:5 “…I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God. I will not tolerate your affection for any other gods

Before, I even had a scripture to define what idolatry meant, I was whizzing away putting pen to paper the many instances that I have showed unnatural ‘affection’ for other gods.

Celebrities are revered as gods in today’s society.

They have influence, power, status, fame.

One of the things we as ‘idol worshipers’ honour them with is our time.

For example,

– searching for updates on their lives on Daily Mail etc

– searching to see what they are wearing, look like

– paying even closer attention when their ‘perfect image’ begins to crumble (Taylor Swift)

– letting them dominate the topic of our group chats, gossip sessions and twitter timeline

– checking, keeping up with what they say (whether in general and/or on certain matters and valuing the latter as supreme)

The last point was especially true for me.

For example,  I would check Twitter, Instagram etc to see if which celebrities, particularly my favourites, would post an honourable ‘R.I.P’ tweet or Instagram post in honour of a recently deceased celebrity or public figure…immediately after their death was known.

Especially if the deceased celebrity or figure was another favourite of mine.  Do not ask me what I did when Prince died. Looking back there was a disturbing urgency to see whether Beyonce would come out of the social media shadows to post a purple image, background…anything!

What was even more crazy was that my continued support for the living celebrities was dependent on how quick their response was or whether they even bothered to honour the deceased celebrity.

Honouring celebrities with our time is just one factor in the celebrity-worshiper paradigm.

Others include the giving of our resources such as money. i.e buying over priced merchandise from T-shirts to their even more ridiculously priced designer collaborations.

It is even worse when the clothes look like trash. Yeezy Season 1. Say no more.

In my searching I am coming to realisation that by honouring them, it does in fact have an impact on my relationship with God. Whether I realise it or not.

Let that sink in because I had to today.

I attempted to rationalise with my Spirit man that how can me simply going on BadgyalRiri’s Instagram page interfere with my relationship with my Father, God?

But it was what I was doing once I was on her page.

What would only meant to be a short session of light scrolling (you know just checking to see how she is doing, if she is still alive or with Drake) would turn to hours. Before I knew it, I was jumping to fan page to fan page. I would spend hours admiring her: her beauty, her clothes, her attitude etc

I desired it all.

This was just last night.

It is not just Rihanna.

Today, I thought back to those times when I would say with no hesitation ‘ooh I love her’ or ‘I love him’

That was last week

These fellow human beings do not even know I exist. This is not a new revelation but thank God today is the day it shocked me into realistation. Amen

This distorted form of honouring disrupts God’s honour. As we elevate another man/woman on an pedestal we are putting them between ourselves and God.

Celebrities reach celebrities status because a collective of people decide that they have something to be desired for. Their influence increases when the collective increases in numbers.

All the while the desire is increasing.

Until it reaches disproportionate levels, which elevates the celebrity within the world of the worshiper.

Extreme cases are people who get plastic surgery to look/imitate their idol. They are literally doing what the Israelites could not stop doing, casting images of idols but on to wear on their face or other parts of their body.

I call this new state a form of 365 day idol worshiping.

(maybe to them this restores the balance in the idol-worshiper relationship)

This morning alone, I have come across 5 scriptures of God verbally telling us not to have any idols.

Here are some

Exodus 20:3-5

Exodus 23:13

Deuteronomy 5:7-8

Colossians 3:5-6

Isaiah 44;9-11

The message is clear. I now need to walk the walk.

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