Modern Idolatry

I attempted to rationalise with my Spirit man that how can me simply going on BadgyalRiri’s Instagram page interfere with my relationship with my Father, God?


Shame + Grace = Shmace?

Recently, I have been sensitive to the feeling of shame.

This has been heightened by the fact that I currently have no money. Nada. Zilch.

Remembering His Name in a world that wants to forget it

Praising a colleague at work comes naturally. Praising Jesus does not.
Why? Because we do not want to destablise the natural order of things by bringing ‘religion’ into the mix. Or look like a ‘religious’ nut.


My goal is to never ‘preach’ but to talk about real issues especially mental health, depression etc that even as a Christian I battle with.

Today I want to share something I find easier disclosing to ‘strangers’ than I would to my own mother.

This post is just me thinking out loud (online) on a bad day.


Covet is one of those archaic terms that I associate with ‘archaic sins’ in the Bible. You know those Old Testament rules we happily skim past in the Bible once they mention rituals or sacrificing an Ox (I mean, where would I come across one of those in 2016?).

Inescapable habits

the vulnerability of telling someone your woes

and the immediate regret that comes after…

Who bought me?!

They say never borrow money to a friend.

Those situations are an oven for creating hostility or tension, even after the money is back in your account.

“hmm they accepted that handout too quickly”

“how many times are they going to keep reminding me that I owe them money”

That Jodeci love… is not Love

This popular scripture is quoted, referenced, professed and abused (a great cop out to writing your own wedding vows lol) by millions of believers and unbelievers.

Maybe for some, like me, you did not even make the cut with half of these qualities. when I read the verse I automatically thought “I don’t…”. I could not even finish the thought because as I went through all of them, I realised I suck at them all.


I had to ask God, “am I meant to be around people?”


Social media’s increasing influence on the gaze has cultivated a Hunger Games mentality where simply existing now equates to dominating.

Competition is what keeps the lights on at the Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook offices.

Whether it be competition with our peers or with ourselves to put out our best selfie yet of the week, there are narcissistic motivations behind being the best.

I suffer? You suffer? We suffer?!

It is possible to get caught up in what feels like the idiosyncratically of our struggles.

However, it may destabilise our natural human pride to know that somewhere in the world, another person is going though the same struggle or even worse has gone through the same experience and overcome the struggle.

Lone warrior

Seriously, what does the devil do all day?

Do you think he only shows up when you are about to commit a ‘great sin’ and perches on your shoulder whispering encouragement?